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TVDirekt.de: “Our story is a Cinderella story”

“Our story is a Cinderella story”
Bill and Tom Kaulitz are the new members of this years Jury at the casting show “Deutschland such den Superstar”, which will start airing on RTL on January 5th at 8.15 p.m. The twins got famous and known with their band “Tokio Hotel”, with which they’ve sold countless records and toured all over the world with. When meeting the “Superstars” Bill and Tom you’ll be pleasently surprised: both are polite, courteous, taller than you’d think but they still clearly differ from one another. But they agree on one point – the show is a lot of fun, and they want it to be fun for the viewers and their fans as well…

• Why did you decide to join the DSDS-Jury?
Bill Kaulitz: We decided to join this show, because it’s the most successful casting show. In addition to that the winner is going to have the perfect start into the music business. A #1-single and a successful first album are almost guaranteed, plus the winner will also get 500,000 €. That’s a lot of money, which you can still work with as a musician after DSDS.
Tom Kaulitz: It was also very well timed – if we didn’t do it now, we would have never done it.
Bill Kaulitz: DSDS is the show we believe in most. A casting show with a great foundation for the winner.

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BUNTE #52/2012

The Comeback of the Year

Tokio Hotel is one of the most popular german popbands. From January on, Bill and Tom Kaulitz will be sitting in the Jury of DSDS next to Dieter Bohlen. The brothers told BUNTE, why they took two years off.

Only a few minutes seperate them: Tom Kaulitz was born in 1989 at 6.20 a.m., his twin brother Bill ten minutes later. Dieter Bohlen, 58, calls the younger one “gift of god”. Not from this world. And indeed, Bill Kaulitz looks like a being of another planet with his feminine facial features and fancy clothes. Tom however looks boisterous, like a womanizer.

The 23-year-old brothers do everything together. From January 5th on they will make up one half of the Jury at “DSDS”. A small sensation, because despite the success with their band Tokio Hotel (more than 8 million sold records) the two of them went into hiding for the past two years.

In 2010 you moved to Los Angeles to take some time off. Why did you leave Germany?
Bill: We were longing for a home and a private life, which just wasn’t possible in Germany anymore.

Tom: We couldn’t step out of the house without being photographed or getting mobbed by crazies. It was horrible.
Bill: We had security around us 24/7 and lived like in jail with a 2 meter high opaque fence around our property.

Tom, in an interview you said that “it’s crass what sick and dangerous people are out there”.
Tom: There are people who gave up their whole life for Tokio Hotel. It’s a kind of hate-love. For them it’s about controlling our whole life. All of our employees who stepped into our house were tracked by them – it didn’t matter if it was the cleaning lady or the craftsman.
Bill: A 24-hour psycho-terror!
Tom: It felt like there was a spy watching your every move. They were organized in an unbelievably good way. We only thought: How do they always know where we are? And this despite the fact that we were working together with the police.

Can you understand/comprehend their obsession with you?
Tom: They’re that dangerous because they don’t have anything to lose. They project all their problems on us.

How far did those stalkers go?
Bill: They didn’t have any boundaries. They tried any and everything just to get a reaction out of us.

No human being can take that. When did you reach the point where you had enough?
Tom: When they forced our car off the road.

Bill: Some family members were sitting with us in the car. We are protective towards our family and friends, just like anyone else is. When those people come near your family you instinctively take action.

You compared your life with that of Britney Spears. Were you able to sympathize with her when she shaved her hair off?
Bill: I can understand the situation she was in 100%. A certain kind of want for freedom lies behind that. You don’t want other people to tell you what to do your whole life. And if you feel like shaving your hair off, then you just do it.

How much of your youth was lost because of Tokio Hotel?
Tom: We, of course, had a good time that we wouldn’t have wanted to miss. What was taken from us early on was the ease.

What do you mean by that?
Bill: We were the leaders of a company at the age of 15 with Lawyers, Tax Advisers and Managers around us, all on our payroll. A huge chunk of responsibility rested on our shoulders, which at the same time was a good thing since we hate superiors.

Bill, you haven’t been able to fall in love with someone since you turned 14 – also because you have a problem with trusting people. How much do you miss this form of love?
Bill: In this “fast life” that I’m living, I miss the reliability. I always longed to have someone who would just be there for me. Of course I have Tom. I’m extremely happy that we’re brothers. I wouldn’t be able to work as a solo artist.

Why did you choose to move to Los Angeles, why not any other city?
Tom: We didn’t move there to lead a glamour life. We have some recording studios we work in there and we were able to take some time off.
Bill: We are definitely more free! We especially enjoy working on our new Album every day.

How long are you planning to stay in the US for?
Tom: We get bored pretty fast. It’s possible that we’ll come back to Germany soon.

• DSDS: “The new DSDS-Jury: Dieter Bohlen, Bill Kaulitz, Tom Kaulitz, Meteo from Culcha Candela”
• Echo 2007: “Celebrated: Tom Kaulitz, Gustav Schäfer, Georg Listing, Bill Kaulitz after their performance at the Echo Awards in 2007″
• Interview: “Interview: Bill and Tom Kaulitz with BUNTE-reporter Kirsten Reineke”
• Bill & Tom: “Bill & Tom Kaulitz celebrate their comeback in Dieter Bohlen’s DSDS-Show”

TRANSLATION BY:Icey @ LoveTH-Music.com
That’s why Tokio Hotel moved to the US

“We didn’t have a place to call ‘home’ anymore.”
Through the monsoon and around the world: At the peak of their success the “Tokio Hotel”-Twins Bill and Tom (23) left Germany – and moved to Los Angeles. Two years of silence followed. Now they’re back home – as jurors on “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”! BILD was the first one to interview Tom and Bill on the set of the casting show.

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Punkt 12 - 24.09.12 by foreversacred

Translation – RTL Punkt 12

Spotlight on for the new DSDS jurors. The Tokio Hotel twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz are back on our TV screens and back in Germany where they directly had to notice something.
Tom: Well, in my opinion it’s quite cold at the moment but yeah
Bill: It’s kind of a cold shock but we’re of course happy to be back.

Actually the twins live in L.A. where they’re currently working on their next studio album.
Bill: We’ve got a home studio and we’re producing on our own, we’re writing a lot, so yeah that’s a nice and interesting change now.

Today it’s a change for them, about 7 years ago it used to be their daily life. 2005 they became popular with their band Tokio Hotel and were very successful with their first song “Durch den Monsun”.

[..Durch den Monsun Video Part..]

Back then they were only 16 years old. They sold 1,5million of their debut album. With only 18 years they were already millionaires and made fans happy worldwide. Tokio Hotel polarizes like no other german band. Not only with their songs but also with their performances and Bill’s outfit changes and new haircuts. And also today the 23 years old surprises us with a new haircut.
Bill: It just happens automatically. Probably, I change my look more than other people but for me that’s simply normal.

But Tom often cracks jokes about the trendiness of his brother.
Tom: It fits good to my sunglasses, because I put it here on purpose, that’s my accessory for today. And I actually thought you would also ask me about my new style.

During our interview Tom often gets in the joker mode.
Tom: For me the drive to find and support new artists was simply so huge that I said I do it for free. Bill got a bag of money. And yeah, that’s the truth.

In return he sits next to the old-timer Dieter Bohlen. For the 10th time he’ll be part of the jury and this time the jury only consists of males.

[… 2:20 - Culcha Candela … ]

3:35 He’s looking forward to Dieter Bohlen and Tokio Hotel.
Mateo: Actually, I’m quite curious which haircut Bill got right now.

After all, we still remember Bill with dark black hair. Today when they meet for the first time Mateo can probably form an opinion about his other jury members. But when you see the 4 next to each other they already look like a quite nice and mixed jury.

Translation: schnurrli @ loveth-music.com // tokio-hotel.us

Translation: RTL Punkt 6

Tokio Hotel in the DSDS jury. The sensation at Deutschland sucht den Superstar. How Tom and Bill are looking forward to the job next to Dieter Bohlen. Bill: “Tom and I will pay attention to…” Tom: “the women.” Bill: “the women! ” The exclusive interview with the Tokio Hotel twins after the commercials.


Kena Amoa (Exclusiv moderator): “good morning. Bill and Tom Kaulitz are new in the DSDS jury. We’re electrified and are looking forward to some stories.”
Blonde woman: “Awesome! And that after two years where they haven’t been in any media.” XYZ and XYZ met the two guys next to Dieter Bohlen and interviewed them exclusively.

After two years they’re back in front of a camera and back in Germany. Bill and Tom on the evening in Berlin. The new stars of the DSDS jury took a break from their current work on their album to be jurors.
Bill: We haven’t done anything for quite a long time, we’ve withdrawn ourselves completely. And of course we’re looking forward now to see new talents and new artists. And maybe we’ll also get inspired for our work in the studio.

They also want to inspire themselves from Dieter Bohlen. The twins are especially looking forward to finally meet and get to know him.

Bill: There’s that old-timer who has been in that business for many years, he’s very experienced and knows that format very well, he has made all the previews series and knows exactly what important and what counts. And I guess we can add a totally different aspect to the show and so I guess it’s the perfect jury, at least I hope so.

Both already said before the show that they want to try to set own emphases.

Tom: I really hope that there’ll also be some female artists because there are not enough german female artists, at least in my opinion.
Bill: Well yes, I would of course also like to see some female artists. Tom and I will mainly pay attention to…
Tom: the women.
Bill: yes, the women.

So probably the female artists can be happy about that. Maybe the twins will also meet a fan in the castings, who probably already stood in the crowd of one of their concerts.

2005 the boys of Tokio Hotel began their successful career. They collected many prizes like the Comet and Echo, they received 89 gold awards for their sold CD’s. Two years ago they’ve withdrawn themselves and went to the USA. But now they gladly came back for DSDS.
Bill: We’ve always said that if we ever become jurors in a casting show then only at the original format show, because we simply reckon in it the most.
Tom: It’s also the only casting show where the artists get really successful, so I guess that was also quite important for us.

Today things get serious for them because the preparations begin. The DSDS series will be aired in January 2013, here on RTL.

Blonde Woman: Wow, amazing styling.
Brunette woman: 2013 the shows will air but the twins will also already be part of the castings, right?
Kena Amoa: Yes, they’ll already be at the castings as well. You’ll have to think that those fans who screamed Durch den Monsun back in 2005 grew up now and will probably stand now in front of their idols singing in front of them. I guess there’ll be many interesting things which we’ll get to see.
Blonde woman: Those two guys really made a world career in only a very short time. Now the question is: do they really fit in the format and also to Dieter Bohlen, or will there be some problems and issues?
Kena Amoha: Well, they had 4 number 1 hits, they sold 6 million CD’s worldwide, and I guess they can create a great balance towards Dieter Bohlen. Plus they can probably also add a better view and opinion of the younger generation and the view of the rock music to the show. Also, Bill was once part of a casting show so he’s also experienced and knows how to handle that pressure to grow up in the spotlight. So he can probably develop a lot of sympathy for the candidates.


Translation by schnurrli @ loveth-music.com // tokio-hotel.us

18/01/2011 MTV Japan: Mega Vector - Megaupload (292 MB)


19/01/2011 MTV Japan: Mega Vector - Mediafire (83 MB)


NHK Music Japan Overseas (February 2011)

03/06/11 - Interviews, Moscow

03/06/11 - Interviews, Moscow

03/06/11 - Interviews, Moscow

03/06/11 - Interviews, Moscow

Billboard Interview (Moscow, Russia) - 03.06.2011 

24/06/11 – Backstage, Tokyo

24/06/11 – Backstage, Tokyo

24/06/11 – Backstage, Tokyo

24/06/11 – Backstage, Tokyo

24/06/11 – Backstage, Tokyo

24/06/11 – Backstage, Tokyo

24/06/11 – Interviews, Tokyo

24/06/11 – Interviews, Tokyo

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